Seasonic S12 380W Power Supply

@ 2005/01/27
A while back, power supplies were one of the ignored components in the system, and they were one of the dullest topics to talk about. These days, however, we can’t say the same anymore. Now, system builders pay close attention to the power supply they are getting and its specifications. In fact, the power supply industry has improved quite a bit over the past year or so. Manufacturers are now offering sleek looking units with much better stability at affordable prices. Not to mention the insane amount of power they are offering currently. As if 600W wasn’t enough, Thermaltake came out with their 680W model and now OCZ, along with others, have plans to introduce 700W this year. But power consumption aside, manufacturers have changed the normally corded units to "wireless", modular designs. The saga behind modular designs is to only connect the bare minimum amount of wires that are necessary for the system. Of course, the bare minimum will be on a per system basis, but it is definitely a unique and rather useful concept nonetheless.

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