DFI 855GME-MGF Micro motherboard

@ 2005/01/27
The 855GME-MGF is DFI’s latest motherboard creation that is based around Intel’s mobile socket mPGA479M technology. DFI chose to use the Intel 855GME chipset, boasting full support for all Pentium M and Celeron M-based mobile processors, DDR RAM operating in Single Channel mode up to speeds of 333MHz officially, and onboard Intel graphics. The 855GME-MGF is feature complete, only requiring a socket mPGA479M based processor, DDR memory, and a PSU for a functional system. DFI integrated the following components into the 855GME-MGF’s design: 2 IDE ATA-100 ports; 2 SATA-150 ports (RAID 0 and 1 capable); 4 USB 2.0 capable ports in the rear panel; 2 IEEE 1394 capable ports (1 in rear panel, 1 onboard header supporting 1 port each); Realtek GigE controller; Realtek 6.1 channel audio codec; onboard Intel graphics; and PS/2 port support.

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