6-way P4 HSF Roundup

@ 2005/01/25
Clockwise from top left we have Thermalright's XP-90, Titan's Siberia, Cooler Master's Jet 4, two versions of Vantec's AeroFlow and Spire's SP450B0 CoolGate. All mount using the standard retention module on S478 motherboards and only two feature heat-pipes. You may be thinking that the Jet 4 and Cyberia both count as "large" coolers, so should have been in the earlier roundup, but both of those are only large due to their fans. The actual heatsink portion of the cooler is of similar size to the others in this roundup.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/25
I have similar result on XP-90 as with this review - that the reason behind it's being in the drawer instead of on the Prescott.