Half-Life 2

@ 2005/01/24
The G-Man’s piercing eyes and mocking smile fade into the recesses of your mind as you awaken on a train to—where? There are two other individuals with you, their faces drawn and weary, carrying tattered suitcases and dressed in blue denim uniforms that remind you of the ones worn by convicts in prison. If you were someone else and anywhere else, you might be just another working stiff on his way to the job.

But you aren’t anyone or anywhere else. You are Gordon Freeman, former Black Mesa Research Facility scientist who inadvertently unleashed, then stopped an invasion from another dimension and a murderous attempted cover-up by the Government, just barely surviving the ordeal in Half-Life—Valve Software’s critically acclaimed first-person shooter for the PC. Your destination is Half-Life 2, an even more incredible and dangerous adventure than the first, where the stakes are much higher this time around.


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