AMD strikes back at Intel brand hegemony

@ 2005/01/24
Technology is important to corporations and the undoubted success AMD has had in selling Opterons to some very large companies underlines that. But its internal surveys show that there's still a widespread view that the firm is a one-trick company. Its Athlon 64 and Opteron processors are viewed as success stories, but corporations don't put all their eggs into one technology basket, and need to be sure that their suppliers are financially viable as well as technologically proficient........

There is an internal perception that while AMD produces "low price" processors, that's sometimes equated with "cheap", and large corporations don't want cheap. AMD's head count is just over 15,000. Its sales mix is nearly 80 per cent international, and in a typical 2004 quarter, of its $1.24 billion revenues, $538 million were from flash memory, $673 million from microprocessors, and $29 million from other sources...........

It believes it has one of the most difficult challenges for branding of any multinational, and needs to promote the same message to investors, communities, customers and end users - all of which have different perceptions and needs.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/24
Its slogan should be "vision critical" rather than "mission critical", and show a deep understanding of the problems enterprises face.

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