Hurdles on the upgrade path

@ 2005/01/23
But Intel wanted to stop making CPUs with pins on them, partly because customers bend the pins, and then send the chip back for a warranty replacement. So they switched to the radically new LGA775, with the pins on the socket and little "cups" on the chip. People are still going to bend the pins, of course, and thereby bork the whole motherboard, but at least that probably won't be Intel's problem! Hurrah!........

Even when Socket T was new, people bought it, just so they could get a big fat too-hot Prescott that ran a whole 6% faster than the fastest Socket 478 chip. Heck, some even bought the very first server-chipset BTX systems with two PCIe video slots, so they could be the first on their block with new-fashioned SLI, in a computer that cost as much as a good used car and would be worth as much as a very bad one three years later....

ISA slots hung around for five years after they were made obsolete. Anyone want to lay odds on ATX lasting longer?

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