HEXUS.interview: ATI's Matt Skyner

@ 2005/01/21
Snip: "Before and after the Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition launch, we
talked to ATI on a number of internal levels about their product
availability. Our core enthusiast readership was clamouring to purchase
high-end X800 at general retail, X700 XT was no longer an official SKU,
and all reports seemed to indicate that either Dell and other large
customers of ATI were buying up everything in sight, or that ATI were
having trouble getting the correct number of orders in to TSMC for
parts, underestimating demand.

So to see if ATI had any insight into what was happening in real terms,
I compiled a list of questions for ATI and they were duly fired off.
ATI's Director of Discrete Desktop Graphics, Matt Skyner, was gracious
enough to take the time to reply. Here's what he had to say."


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