Kingston 1024MB PC2700 SODIMM Review

@ 2005/01/21
This particular stick is built specifically for Dell Inspiron notebooks (hence the "KTD-INSP5150/1G" label on the sticker). To fit 1GB onto a single board, Kingston used a total of 16 small modules, each 64MB in capacity. The markings on the chips are "SEC 434 NLB3" (first row), "K4H510838B" (second row), and "AUG537XX" (third row). The RAM is rated at 166MHz DDR (333MHz effectively), i.e. DDR333 or PC2700. I'll be comparing it to a pair of 256MB Hynix sticks that came with the laptop originally. Although the capacities are different, both memory sets use a total of 16 modules at 64MB each.

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