Researchers can tell when you are lying

@ 2014/02/23
The days of people telling porkies on social media forums could be outdated after EU researchers have come up with a tool which can tell if people are lying.

Software called Pheme can tell if you are fibbing on Facebook or Twitter. The idea is to quell the spread of dangerous misinformation, citing the quickly spread false rumour during the 2011 London riots that the London Eye was on fire.

Pheme was names after the Greek goddess of fame and rumours. This project is EU-funded research being carried out at the University of Sheffield. Initially it will assess large quantities of social media data and test stories classifying each one.

It uses lexical, semantic and syntactic information in the material which is cross-referenced with data sources that are assessed as particularly trustworthy. Finally, the diffusion of a piece of information is analysed and it is assessed to see who receives what information and how, and when is it transmitted. ATOS – Spain will be building the computational platform to do the job.

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