PDP Systems Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK DDR Memory

@ 2005/01/20
According to the PDP Systems the pair of 512MB PC3200 DDR memory modules included in the PDC1G3200+XBLK kit are capable of 2-2-2-5 memory timings at their stock 200MHz speed, and can run up to 266MHz at a loose 3-4-4-8 timing. It's nice of PDP to tell us what to expect right on the packaging! We'll see how the memory measures up to these numbers in a little while. The PDC1G3200+XBLK kit is not PDP System's highest performing Patriot memory kit, but it occupies a nice middle ground between performance and price. Like most DDR modules PCstats' has reviewed recently, these PDP Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK sticks are equipped with aluminium heat spreaders, which mainly protect the individual memory chips from physical damage.


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