Winbond returns - TwinMos PC3200 with "Winbond UTT"

@ 2005/01/20
Most of you already know about these so called "Winbond UTT" a.ka CH-5 a.k.a BH-4 chips that run like legendary Winbond "B" series. These chips don´t have anything to do with discontinued Winbond "B" series, but they actually are improved "C" die chips made with 0.13µ process (compared to "B" die 0.175µ process).

Original Winbond "C" series never was popular among enthusians, since the chip didn´t work with Ras to Cas 2. After Winbond stopped to make DDR memory in last quater of 2004, their DDR business was transfered to Winbond´s cooperatives Infineon, Mosel Vitelic and ProMos. In this article I call this alliance as Infineon group.

In late of November 2004 pictures of naked (heatspreaders removed) OCZ Voltage eXtreme sticks hit the forums. People who had hunted down underflowing BH-5 sources immediately regonized two dots in the package of the chip. Those dots are almost Winbond´s trademark, since it was only manufacturer that had those dots on their chips. Rumours about Winbond´s return to memory business started to roam among enthusians.

Soon later that, I noticed some ProMos SAT5B chips on Kingston ValueRam sticks that also had those famous two dots. Unfortunately these chips didn´t overclock with 2-2-2-5 settings at all so I forgot this whole thing until now...

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