Cooler Master Cavalier 2 CAV-T02

@ 2005/01/20
"Most people have o*ne PC for every facet of their needs, whether it be education, work or entertainment. However many people want a HTPC (home theater PC) for their living room lately to join with their home cinema systems and high-end audio systems. Most men accept having their typical nice tower next to the other equipment, or even normal beige towers in the living room: but in order for a HTPC to pass W.A.F. (wife acceptance factor) it has to be 1, looking very nice and fit in with the rest of the equipment and 2, it has to keep cable clutter to a minimum and be as silent as possible. At least!

Comment from stronken @ 2005/01/20
have the same case in silver

one word


same size as stereoset