Interview with Intel

@ 2005/01/19
"If the application is not threaded, it will not see benefits from Dual
Core. However, if the OS is threaded and it's running two non-threaded
applications, we'll see some improvements as compared to a single core
design. Say you have a virus scanner running and you open a 20MB
PowerPoint presentation, a dual core CPU will do so much more

Comment from jmke @ 2005/01/19
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/19
1) How does Xpeed feel in general about the Ultra/Extreme sports car line up?

We're happy with both editions. Of course the Extreme is about 2 second faster. We expect gear-box and Suspension shipment will improve.

2) Was there anything Xpeed felt was missing technology-wise or did the product launch as planned?

We are happy with the launch. We would like the Super Gear-box and AI suspension ramp up a little faster.

3) Where do you see Super Gear-box right now? Do you think we might see a resurgence in Regular Gear-Box?

We are pushing hard on the Super Gear-Box; we pointed a gun to a couple of suppliers and threaden them that they'd better listen to us. Roads are better built today, Super Gear-Box will meet the faster RPM engine like the Ultra and Extreme.

The dual 12-speed select drive is hell a lot better than the best 6-speed of yesterday.

4) The engines are running really hot according to most users. Do you plan on fixing this issue?

Faster means more power; more power means more heat ... it is merely fair to say we have the power. However, we are developing something called "limiter" which will reduce the engine power out when the engine just started to overheat. This is really not a big deal.

5) Xpeed is trying to convince the local government to issue special license to operate these Super/Extreme sports cars. Do you have anything to say to this?

Well, these are very fast cars. Xpeed is a Company that cares for the customers. The special license although expensive will ensure the safety and qualifications of the operators.

6) Last question. The special coolant that must be used costing 10 times more. What can you tell us more on this?

In fact the coolant cost is worth every penny. Needless to say customers do not have to use the special coolant because the engine limiter will kick in to lower output when needed.

Xpeed continues to say "Although both Ultra and Extreme might not be faster than our previous model, given time it will out shine anything, trust me."