Enermax CS-718 MaxFlow ATX Case

@ 2005/01/19
When I received the press release on the CS-718 MaxFlow, I immediately saw what they were attempting to accomplish with their new design, but I decided to hold judgment on whether it was beneficial or not until I got my hands on one. There are those guys who learn by seeing, there are those that learn by reading, but me? I've just got to pee on the electric fence for myself.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/19
It sures looks like the other case from Silverstone http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=263

No copyright protection in this industry - all coming from the same region of the World.

We are into an erra in personal computing that will change the way business conduct is handled. First with Power Supplies; Second with Chipset alteration; Third with pirated CPU; Fouth with waterblock design.

This may sound "nice" for some consumers; at the end they are the ones getting "cheated".