Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless Joystick

@ 2005/01/19
For as much time as I spend playing games on my PC, I must admit that I could not easily bring to mind many more than 2 or 3 major PC input controller manufacturers. Give it a try, it's not as easy as it sounds. Of course you will think of Logitech and Microsoft and then there is Belkin. Unknowingly I had forgotten about Saitek. And it's not that I didn't know them, more like I couldn't remember them. According to their corporate website, Saitek was started in 1979 and entered the gaming input device market in 1993 with their first real success being in the electronic chess game market...not something most of us are familiar with. However, I do recall through a haze of 1980's Transformer cartoons and G.I. Joe public service announcements a small unassuming game box that ruthlessly and systematically eradicated would-be chess masters. That was my first introduction to Saitek, I just didn't know it.

Twenty some years later Saitek is still making chess games. But, more importantly they are churning out stacks of wonderfully designed gaming devices from PC driving wheels to console controllers. Today we will be looking at one of their more innovative products, the Cyborg Evo wireless flight stick. Let's see if it is good enough to drive those memories of impossibly difficult chess games from my mind.

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