ImDisk Creates Dynamically Resizing RAM Disks

@ 2014/01/28
We've previously looked at reasons why you might want to create a RAM disk to boost your PCs performance. ImDisk can accomplish this same task without using up more RAM than necessary.

Under normal circumstances, a RAM disk will allocate an amount of RAM you specify to go to the virtual drive you've created. That RAM would no longer be available to the rest of your system. With ImDisk, you can create a virtual drive of a specific size, but only the amount of space that you actually use will ever be allocated. If you create a 2GB RAM disk, but only use up 100MB of space on it, the rest will still be available to your system until you fill it.

Comment from jmke @ 2014/01/28
Let's see how it stacks up ( )

Machine: Lenovo T530 with Quad Core CPU and 8GB RAM

Current champ is:
RAMDisk Software:
Seq= Read: 6392 Mb/s - Write: 5433 Mb/s
512K= R: 6979 - W: 6848
4K= R: 1163 - W: 912
4K QD32= R: 1134 - W: 873.3

ImDisk Software:
Seq= Read: 1640 Mb/s - Write: 1879 Mb/s
512K= R: 1643 - W: 1923
4K= R: 376.8 - W: 336.1
4K QD32= R: 744.7 - W: 592.9

nice thing about ImDisk is that it only uses the memory that's actually occupied in the ramdisk. But as you can see, performance wise it stands no chance. 4 times slower with large seq files; 3 times slower with small 4k files. Stick with the former if performance is what you're after!