Albatron Trinity Geforce 6600GT AGP Video Card Review

@ 2005/01/14
Today 3DXtreme is presenting our latest review of the Albatron Trinity Geforce 6600GT AGP Video Card. The Nvidia 6600GT AGP chipset has arrived on the scene and we’ve put it through the paces to see how it performs in the mainstream market. This card features 8 Pixel Pipelines, 128MB of DDR3 memory, 500MHZ Core Clock Speed as well as VGA Out, TV-Out, DVI and support for HDTV. Targeted directly at the heart of the mainstream market this chipset is out to steal the crown from the much loved ATI 9800 series. The 6600GT AGP is the PCI-E chipset with an added unit that ports to AGP.

Can Nvidia strike a blow at the $200 price point the way the 6800GT did at $400?

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