SLI: worth the cost?

@ 2005/01/14
With a truckload of SLI capable boards for both AMD and Intel being released this year, are you considering pairing up PCIe videocards?

for example: Would you rather have 2x 6600GT or 1x 6800U card?
Comment from SuAside @ 2005/01/24
the main problem with me (besides the fact that i don't wanna spend the money ) is that current SLI only support a very limited amount of games.

the drivers are written for specific games & cannot support other in SLI mode. nvidia announced that soon there will be drivers who'll be able to run everything in SLI, but i'll have to believe it when i see it
Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/14
SLI - Good for manufacturers; Motherboard and Graphic card.

Dual Processor is migrating to Dual Core.
If game is your passion in computing, price becomes secondary while the "best" of the "best" is your only quest for excitement - SLI so be it.
Comment from kristos @ 2005/01/14
I'd certainly like a dual gpu setup (or quad gpu if those double core cards work in sli mode).

right now, it's just not interesting though.

too much still needs improvement:

ati still hasn't' brought out it's sli'ish boards (and cards?)

and right now, top end pcie cards grow very, very thin.