SilenX 400w 0dBA Luxurae PSU

@ 2005/01/14
This particular Luxurae Series power supply provides a 400w output and is totally silent. Meeting ATX 2.10 specifications and having support AMD and P4 systems this power supply should be able to handle a fair load. The SilenX website says that this power supply can to operate for 100K Hours @ 25C MTBF (mean time between failures) which basically means the average time before the device fails. The lifespan of this system will be lower in most situations since your temperature is normally going to be higher than 25C. Some features added to protect your system include: Short-Circuit Protection on Outputs, Over Voltage Protection (3.3V/4V 5V/6V 12V/14V), and Over Power Protection (105%~150% of max load). Along with these nice features this power supply uses a passive PFC (Power Factor Control). There are two methods used, active and passive. Passive uses the AC line frequency to poll and regulate the line. Active costs more and regulates the lines at a higher frequency than the AC line.


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