DFI LANParty nForce4 Series to Hit the Market This Month

@ 2005/01/13
DFI Showcase at CES 2005

At CES DFI demonstrated a few pretty interesting solutions. LANParty nForce 4 Ultra and the SLI are the new boards that DFI have just launched.

* DFI LANParty nF4 Ultra-D

A couple of things that they are implementing and that are new with the motherboards from DFI are the following. First of all the active chipset fan. DFI claims that in terms of chipset cooling tastes still differ: some people say that they really like passive, some like active. So, anyways, probably DFI found their way here: active chipset cooler (heatsink with a fan) powered by the magnetic technology, so it runs cooler, more efficient, and has a really long life span before mean time to failure.

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