S3 and XGI to Get More Market Share?

@ 2005/01/13
Persistence should be rewarded one day, don’t you think so?

Well, now that NVIDIA and ATI have exhausted their announcement potential for a while, let’s turn to the minor players in the VGA market: S3 and XGI. Apparently those guys are still working hard to elbow their way into the graphics market. Let’s see what hopes they pin upon the coming year 2005.

I managed to step by for an interesting discussion with S3 guys, who were demonstrating the first silicon of their new GammaChrome S18. According to the ATI product range, S3 positions its new GammaChrome S18 slightly higher than the x600 series mainstream products from ATI. This solution features HDTV component video output and supports 1080p resolution and Chromotion II next-generation programmable video engine. S3 claims that they are starting mass production this quarter: the launch of this product is planned to take place around CeBIT timeframe, in March.

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