Microsoft gives loyal mobile users 20GB for Yule

@ 2013/12/23
Microsoft has decided to reward its loyal users of Windows Phone with 20GB of SkyDrive storage.

The increased cloud storage will be active for a year and users are given until the end of January to claim it.

SkyDrive has become increasingly important for Microsoft as a way to increase popularity of its Windows Mobile software.

In Windows 8.1, it gave away a generous 200GB allowance for two years with every Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet.

Vole wants people to get used to using the service more often, after all if you have all your stuff stored on VoleCloud you are less likely to want to buy another mobile.

It also opens the way for Volish salespeople to hit customers with different cloud based products that they might be interested in.

Once the time limit has wound up, then it is also likely that the customer will sign up to pay for the service rather than losing, or having to move data stored on the cloud.

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