SOLTEK Officially Launches SL-855GEI-FDGR - Dothan- Low-power, High-speed Micro-ATX

@ 2005/01/12
Taipei, Taiwan-Jan. 5, 2005

-The world's leading Mainboard Manufacturer, SOLTEK COMPUTER Inc.
today launches its low-power, high-speed mainboard series SL-855GEI-FDGR. This Mainboard takes advantage of the notebook-type CPU Pentium M / Celeron M Processor to execute its low-power features and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology. The Low-power feature is well-known of its AutoHalt Power-Down, Stop-Grant, Halt/Grant and Deep/Deeper Sleep functions, while its Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology enabling the processor to switch between multi frequency and voltage points instead of two will implement its superior performance with optimal power savings and up to 400MHz FSB. Worthy of further praise, Pentium M / Celeron M also supports the THERMTRIP signal for the catastrophic Thermal Protection execution, making this Mainboard a saving and safe system runner.

Comment from jmke @ 2005/01/12
good to see more options, hope this brings down the price of these motherboards
Comment from kristos @ 2005/01/12
ehehe :grin: