CES 2005 Special Report: Intel and AMD’s Plans Revealed

@ 2005/01/10
There is dreadful news for Socket 754 owners; AMD is going to end the production of Athlon 754's with its 3500+ microprocessor. You can expect to see 754 chips off the roadmap by the end of this year. For those looking to upgrade to a Socket 939 chip, AMD is expecting to launch their FX57 chip sometime mid-2005. The support for higher clocked Socket 939 chips and FX chips is on a positive outlook and AMD may even launch a FX59 this year. AMD also has no plans to break the 4GHz barrier, but they will most hit the 3GHz this year.

Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2005/01/10
we hit the 3 ghz amd barrier 4 months ago.
and we plan to stay there