EVGA’s "nForce5" Mainboard May Not be NVIDIA nForce5 Based

@ 2005/01/10
But the mainboard could be not what it is claimed to be, e.g., NVIDIA nForce5 platform. The mainboard features ICH6 I/O controller from Intel Corp., by contrast, NVIDIA’s nForce5 includes NVIDIA’s own North Bridge (which may also be referred to as MCH, memory controller hub) as well as I/O controller that are connected to each other using HyperTransport bus, whereas Intel uses a flavour of PCI Express bus to connect MCH to ICH in its latest chipsets. HyperTransport is not drop-in compatible with PCI Express. The EVGA’s platform also has PCI Express x16 and PCI Express x4 slots, whereas NVIDIA’s nForce5 is expected to provide two PCI Express x8 lanes that are compatible with PCI Express slots for graphics on electrical level

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