Clensing the Apple: iMac Conversion

@ 2005/01/10
The iMac is impressive. Released as an all-in-one computer from Apple, it crams every needed element of a computer all into one small case. Aside from the huge 15 inch CRT monitor, it had room for a slot-loading CD-ROM, hard-drive, processor, ram, and even speakers. Yet while this computer was great at its beginning, the only way to upgrade is to buy the next step up in the iMac series. A while back featured a story on an iMac converted to an “iPC”. It was built by a person known only as “Tony”. It had a Micro ATX Pentium III motherboard running at 1 GHz, LCD screen, and was skinned to look like an Apple. Even with the Micro ATX board, the iPC was starved for room inside the case. After many attempts to try to find “Tony” for permission to clone his computer, I finally decided on making my own version of the iMac named “Evil-iMac”. There are many differences between the iPC and the Evil-iMac. Most notably is the fact that it contains a full ATX board that runs an AMD 2700+ Barton processor.

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