Leadtek WinFast PX6600 GT TDH PCI-Express 128MB

@ 2005/01/09
In the world of video cards, we all want pretty much the same thing – great quality, performance, and a low price. A middle-of-the-road video card may leave you wanting a little more, but it’s the sweet spot for those of us with eyes larger than our pocketbook. On the NVIDIA side, there are three lines of the new-generation cards: 6200s, 6600s, and 6800s. These are low-end, mid-range, and high-end respectively, and there are variations within each group. NVIDIA’s 6600 series of cards is aimed at the average gamer and offers some pretty outstanding performance at a relatively low price-point.

Today we are looking at Leadtek’s WinFast PX6600 GT TDH 128 MB, their PCI-Express 6600 GT offering. It is worth mentioning that availability is still limited with PCI-Express cards, as AGP still makes up the majority of the market. The 6600 GT has 8 pixel pipelines, a core clock speed of 500 MHz and memory clock speeds of 500 MHz (1 GHz DDR). Also worth mentioning is that the memory on this card is DDR3 and it also SLI capable.

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