AMD Starts Selling A10-6790K Socket FM2 APU

@ 2013/11/29
AMD began selling the A10-6790K, a new socket FM2 APU based on the 32 nm "Richland" silicon. The chip is positioned between the A10-6700 and the A10-6800K, and is a notch below the latter. It comes with an unlocked base-clock multiplier, making overclocking a breeze. The A10-6790K features 4.00 GHz CPU clocks, with maximum TurboCore frequencies of 4.30 GHz, each a notch (0.5x base) lower than the 4.10 GHz core and 4.40 GHz TurboCore frequencies of the A10-6800K. Further, the maximum rated DRAM speed is lowered from DDR3-2133 MHz on the A10-6800K, to DDR3-1866 MHz on the new chip. It features the same Radeon HD 8670D graphics clocked at 844 MHz, and its TDP rating is the same 100W. Expect the chip to be priced about 15 percent lower than the A10-6800K.

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