Gainward Announces GeForce GTX 780 Ti Phantom

@ 2013/11/26
As the leading brand in enthusiastic graphics market, Gainward proudly presents the Phantom version of GTX 780 Ti graphics. Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Ti Phantom is Gainward own-designed, powered by NVIDIA next-generation Kepler-architecture-based GPU. It offers insanely fast, elegant design and whisper-quiet performance to give hardware enthusiasts and extreme PC gamers the ideal gaming experience. The Gainward GTX 780 Ti Phantom is an extremely over-clocked board. It is factory over-clocked to 980 MHz base clock (875MHz base clock for reference board) for those 2880 cores that is 105MHz faster and 7Ghz 3072MB memory, offering high memory bandwidth. The Gainward GTX 780 Ti Phantom is even faster than the fastest single-GPU board in the planet. It performs up to 10% faster than GTX 780 Ti reference board.

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