Fixes coming for Skype Messaging on Windows Phone

@ 2013/11/26
If you've used Skype on Windows Phone, chances are you've dealt with out-of-sync and missed messages. Luckily, a fix is on the horizon: according to Skype product manager Jeff Kunins, who spoke with The Verge, Microsoft is aware of the issues and working to resolve them. Part of the problem, it seems, stems from Microsoft's move from peer-to-peer networks for Skype to cloud-based servers.

Once the hiccups are fixed, users can expect syncing across devices to avoid any random bursts of old, already-read messages. Kunins also said that continuous notifications will run only on the device you're currently using, as opposed to every Skype-running gadget you own. Few things are more headache-inducing than five different devices ringing at once, after all. Finally, Kunins hinted that the Skype app for Windows 8.1 will have "a lot of fun things" to offer. Stay tuned.

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