Thecus N2560: Intel's EvanSport NAS Platform Review

@ 2013/11/26
NAS units targeting home consumers have traditionally been underpowered in terms of hardware as well as firmware features. Low power, reduced cost and media-centric features are primary requirements in this area. Despite being loath to participate in this market segment, Intel decided to jump into the fray due to the explosive growth potential. The EvanSport Atom-based SoC platform was launched in March 2013 to cater to this market segment. Better known as Berryville (its tag in the set-top-box arena), this SoC integrates two Atom cores (based on the Bonnell microarchitecture) along with a bunch of media-centric features as well as I/Os to make it suitable for the NAS market. Read on to find out how the Thecus N2560 (one of the first EvanSport-based NAS units to hit the market) fares in our evaluation.

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