Corsair XMS XPERT Memory

@ 2005/01/06
Corsair brings a new category to the memory market place that not only adds form, but a whole heap of functionality as well. This memory has computer hardware "XPERT" written all over it.

Comment from Liquid3D @ 2005/01/06
By the way here's a screenshot of that Corsair 3-3-3-6 CMD1 DDR2 but unfortunately it's not really showing a "huge" improvement over other DDR2 memory. I'm trying to get it to run at 2-3-3-6 hehe
Comment from Liquid3D @ 2005/01/06
Part of me says nice, part of me say hype, part of me says why do we need to determine if yet another diode, or monitoring chip is reading the correct voltage or not? Great for the kids so long as they don't have a seizure disorder, and if you stare at your window case a lot , but I tend to look at my display when using my PC.

Still it's innovative, and only in the testing will we know what their all about. I hope to be getting some for us. First i have to finish the PC2-4300 that runs at 3-3-3-6