Roundup: MicroATX Cases For Build-it-yourself PCs

@ 2005/01/06
There are different ways to get your dream computer. The easiest route is to go to your local reseller and pay someone to assemble your PC just the way you want it. However, that approach can quickly put a strain on your wallet. Or you can buy all the individual components and tediously tinker away until you get the thing put together yourself.

A third option is to get a small form-factor PC, which as most readers know comprises a very small case pre-packed with a motherboard, power supply and other goodies, but usually doesn't come with a CPU or memory module. However, a small form-factor PC is not always the way to go either, as only a few components can be added on inside. Enthusiasts are also aware of potential heat problems caused by computing-intensive applications with a small form-factor PC system.

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