Extreme Overclocking w/ ASUS A8N SLI

@ 2005/01/06
As I was overclocking on the Asus A8N SLI board, I had 58mm of space between graphics card 1 and graphics card 2. Therefore, I had to devise a cooler to fit in between this space factoring insulation, etc. Phase-change was the best bet for me so I went onto building the phase-change cooler for the card.

As I was anxious to get the benches rolling, I decided to go single-stage for one of the graphics card. The other GPU could be cooled by my existing GPU cascade cooler. I rushed out the GPU cooler in 2 days using the evenings after work.

For the evaporator of the GPU cooler, I decided to go with the simple and effective "cap-in-cap" design. I used a 6mm thick base with lots of copper caps for surface area and routing of refrigerant flow. The way I make my evaporators can be seen here.

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