Thermaltake Fanless103 Heatpipe CPU Cooler

@ 2005/01/05
Thermaltake is kind of an odd bird in the computer industry. On one hand they made the Xaser line of cases which may look strange to some, but have great features and are easy to work with. Then they make things like their Xray 5.25" drive bay kit with cigarette lighter and a cup holder that make you scratch your head and wonder ‘why?’ Well, now I have the Thermaltake HT103 fanless CPU heatsink that I am hoping will not be another head-scratcher. This heatsink uses a large copper base with six heatpipes to transfer heat from the processor to two large arrays of aluminum cooling fins and relies entirely on your case fans for air circulation. With no dedicated fan to provide consistent and strong airflow, I fear for the life of my CPU. Is my fear justified? Will my CPU burn up in flames? Or will this heatsink prove itself a worthy, and dead silent, contender for your CPU cooling dollars? There is only one way to find out...

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