@ 2013/11/15
Although i never was much into online MMO games i have tried most of them (out of curiosity mostly) and one of the things that was immediately clear to me from day one was that compared to normal FPS, platform, RTS, simulators and other game types online MMO games require a lot more buttons/keys both on the keyboard and on the mouse. That's mainly because when playing online with dozens of people (or even with thousands in games like PlanetSide 2 one of the very few online games I do enjoy playing) you can't afford to have the same speed/efficiency like you would with a single player game when faced against computer controlled opponents. Now back then it did take some time for gaming peripherals manufacturers to see that gap in the market and start producing gaming keyboards and mice with more buttons on them than usual but now several years later we see more and more such MMO oriented products get introduced quite frequently. The VOLOS MMORPG Gaming Mouse is the latest product designed and manufactured by our friends over at Tt eSPORTS and after roughly one week of testing today we can finally upload our opinion about it.

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