Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Review

@ 2005/01/05
Painkiller set a great mood and offered excellent gameplay. With this expansion pack we see more of the same but in a completely different light. It is probably the best expansion pack to any game. It’s delightfully twisted, I love it.

You start at an orphanage in purgatory. The villains are specific to the level so you never see the same guy twice. In the orphanage you can see little boys run at you even if you blow their legs off. Resilient little suckers I tell ya. The whole orphanage scene is one of the scariest moments in gaming that I’ve encountered, the haunted house in Vampire The Masquerade probably tops them all. Fear not the entire game doesn’t revolve around the whole scary mood ala Doom 3. It goes from one place to another and you meet quite interesting opponents.

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