AMD Announces New Game Bundles For Radeon R7 260X & Above

@ 2013/11/13
Coinciding with today’s launch of the Radeon R9 270, AMD is announcing that they are putting up new video game bundles for their 200 series cards, the first such bundle on these cards since they started launching a bit over a month ago.

First and foremost, the R7 260X will be joining AMD’s Never Settle Forever Silver tier. This means the 260X gets 2 games from that tier (from a selection of 9 games), just as the 7800 series does today. Furthermore the tier itself is also being updated to coincide with today’s bundle launches; Eidos’s upcoming Thief game will be joining the Silver tier, giving 260X buyers (and all other Silver tier holders) the option of grabbing that game if they don’t mind a wait until February of 2014.

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