MGE XG Vigor 500 Watt Power Supply

@ 2005/01/04
The MGE XG Vigor 500 Watt Power Supply may just be ideal power supply for the computer user that wants good looks, a well ventilated case, exceptional tight voltage on all the rails and most of all at a price they can afford. With a MSRP of $60.00 this power supply may prove to be the sleeper of the year if our tests are indicative of what this power supply is capable of doing. Where most power supplies are happy to fall within a 5% tolerance on rail voltages the Vigor 500 shocked us by producing results of less than 3%.

Comment from Sidney @ 2005/01/04
I've just taken inventory on "dead PSU" ..... five of them ranging from 400 to 500 Watts. Common to them .... 1) weight no more than 3 lbs, 2) 12 Volt rail < 20A, 3) inside looks exactly like Case-PSU combo.