Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headset Review

@ 2013/11/01
There’s nothing worse than yanking your laptop off the table as you stand up or pulling the headphones right out of your ears when they get caught on something. Mobility has become a major focus for everyone, and bluetooth technology has been at the center of it, many devices and products having some sort of wireless alternative. The Motorola S10-HD is one such product, an “entry level” bluetooth headset for any consumer interested in wireless technology.

The S10-HD is an in ear, bluetooth headset designed for mobility and being on the go. They are designed to be sweat proof, which is more than useful to anyone who runs consistently. And if you just so happen to run long distance and need headphones with a good amount of battery life, the S10-HD’s have a listed, and verified, 8 hours of continuous play time. I’ve gone entire days, using these headphones on and off, without having to plug them in for a recharge (which is great for lazy student me.)

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