Obama talks to French about spying

@ 2013/10/23
The US president Barak Obama has been on the blower to the French over their concerns about NSA spying.

President Francois Hollande is upset after discovering that US spooks had been carrying out extensive electronic surveillance in the country.

After all, since the French backed a coup which gave a terrorist cell control of the US, it expected a little bit of respect from what was supposed to be an anti-British puppet state. It certainly did not expect its "ally" to be spending a fortune trying to discover the colour of Hollande's underpants.

Apparently Obama has told Hollande that Washington has begun reviewing the way it gathers intelligence. Rather than wasting all that money on spying on allies, such as Germany and France and its own citizens, the US is actually considering using the cash to spy on people who are an actual threat.

The White House said that the US has begun to review the way that it gathered intelligence, so that it can properly balance the legitimate security concerns of our citizens and allies with the privacy concerns that all people share.

Of course it would not have had to do any of this if that pesky Edward Snowden had not leaked details of the US antics.

According to the Express, Obama blames the press for distorting what the US was doing to its allies.

After a French newspaper revealed what the US National Security Agency's was doing, the French Government summoned had the US Ambassador and sought an explanation.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said at his daily news conference that France was one of the US's closest allies and certainly its longest ally.

So far, no one has explained why the US felt the need to spy on a country whose support was the only reason it existed in the first place.

Carney insisted that everyone was doing it so why not the US.

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