Battlefield 4 Loves High Speed Memory

@ 2013/10/22
Where things get really exciting is in surround at a monstrous 5760x1200. Ordinarily this is a situation where the system will become totally GPU bound, yet Battlefield 4 again demonstrates a performance uptick going from DDR3-1600 to DDR3-2400. Average framerates are up 15.2%, and the all-important minimum framerate goes up 22.9%! Recognizing that these are rough figures culled from FRAPS runs in fairly empty maps, it’s still a large enough difference to be outside of the margin of error and more importantly, it’s a perceptible one. Playing the open beta in surround, I found that the faster 2400MHz on the memory made the game noticeably smoother and eliminated a substantial amount of stutter.

Comment from jmke @ 2013/10/22
this is quite unique; most, if not all games, are rarely memory bandwidth limited, BF4 proves to be an exception