AMD’s Dual-Core Opteron Processors May Reach 2.40GHz Speeds

@ 2004/12/31
Advanced Micro Devices’ dual-core server processors to be released in mid-2005 will consume from 30W to 95W of power and will operate at core-speeds of 1.60GHz to 2.40GHz, according to data presumably sent by AMD to its partners among server components makers.

AMD’s High-End Dual-Core to Operate at 2.40GHz with 95W TDP

According to a report from The Inquirer web-site, dual-core AMD Opteron processors will be supplied in 30W, 55W and 95W thermal envelopes. AMD Opteron 160, 260 and 860 chips that consume only about 30W of power will operate at 1.60GHz. AMD Opteron processors 170, 270 and 870 are claimed to work at 2.00GHz, while AMD Opteron products 175, 275 and 875 will function at 2.20GHz; both x70 and x75 chips have TDP of 55W. AMD Opteron processors that have TDP of 95W, such as 175, 275, 875 and 180, 280 and 880 will operate at 2.20GHz and 2.40GHz, the article suggests.

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