ThermalTake Hardcano 13

@ 2004/12/29
ThermalTake has been an active participant in the cooling market for many
years. One of their first hard drive coolers was the Hardcano series
cooler. This was a device that used up a single 5.25” drive bay and had a
fan and a mounting bracket to hold your 3.5” hard drive. It also came with
a couple of temperature sensors. Over time, the device has evolved to
become something more than a simple hard drive cooler. The Hardcano series
is still around today with the recent release of the Hardcano 13. The
Hardcano 13 is no longer a hard drive cooler, but rather a temperature
monitor and fan controller. The introduction of the Hardcano 12 back in
2003 caused quite a stir; will the Hardcano 13 do the same or will it


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