Cooler Master N600 (NSE-600-KKN1) Mid-Tower Case Review

@ 2013/10/02
The Cooler Master's N600 (NSE-600-KKN1) is a mid-tower gaming case. The Cooler Master N600 boasts three 5.25" drive bays, and seven 3.5" internal drives alongside five 2.5" bays. That is a lot of drive space for a smaller case. The total case size is 8.1 * 17.9 * 18.9 inches (W/H/D). When a case that size is also able to equip a graphics card a full 16.9 inches long, you know it was made with high end gaming in mind. Of course, Cooler Master being the masters of "cool", it is a great looking case that also provides an enormous amount of airflow, including the fairly unique right side fan mount (fan not included).

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