Seagate Business Storage 1-Bay 3TB NAS

@ 2013/10/02
If you are currently using a NAS server then you are definitely aware of the countless options available in the market as we speak from the low end single bay models designed for home use and up to the massive ultra-high end 24 bay models aimed at large businesses. What you may not be aware however is that no matter how good a NAS server is most if not all of these options come without any preinstalled drives in their bays and although some distributors take it upon themselves to equip them with their favorite drive models in the end the result is not what I'd call a plug and play AIO solution. Seagate is amongst the very few manufacturers that actually took steps to correct this by designing their very own NAS models and pairing them with their own drives in order to simplify the entire procedure and offer consumers the easy way out. Today we will be taking a look at the base model by Seagate the Business Storage 1-Bay 3TB.

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