Pentium 4 560J ships with BTX cooler

@ 2004/12/27
AKIBA PC Hotline said the Pentium 4 560J has started shipping in Japan with a BTX cooler.
The combo costs around ¥50,000 but you can't buy it unless you buy the appropriate BTX motherboard, according to the site.

This is because the screws are placed in a diferent position.

The site describes the CPU cooler as enormous and certainly compared to the microprocessor - the "brains of the computer" - it is quite the Gog of the Guildhall, or maybe the stovepipe hat of the 21st century.

We don't think you'll be needing to go workout at the gymnasium quite as often when the BTX revolution arrives.

As you can see by going here
Comment from The Senile Doctor @ 2004/12/27
I'll need at least a 40% increase in processing power before I'll get rid of my 3 ghz Athlon FX
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/27
Or, if you could get a Northwood and clock it to 3.8 with simple air cooling and be good for another two years.
Comment from easypanic @ 2004/12/27
I'll stick to AMD for quite a while then .
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/27
So, Intel is pushing the BTX another step ..... with this cooler in retail pack you are forced to get BTX chassis; Mobo; PSU.