DFI LANParty UT 915P-T12 Motherboard

@ 2004/12/27
Several months ago, DFI decided to extend its highly-awarded and feature-packed LANParty line by introducing the LANParty UT line. The UT line is meant to up the performance part of the price per performance ratio, which means it has a lighter bundle and sometimes fewer features than its non-UT brethren. So, the UT line is for users with tighter budgets who still want an enthusiast board but not quite as many extras as offered by the regular LANParty line or for someone who wants LANParty performance and tweaking options but just doesn't want to pay for the bigger bundle.

Today, I'm looking at the LANParty UT 915P-T12, which is a board based on the Intel 915P chipset. It offers support for both DDR and DDR2, but you can only use one type at a time of course. With four DIMM slots, this leads to a limitation of 2GB for the maximum amount of RAM, which should be more than plenty for 99.9% of users. The board also features dual Gigabit LAN (one being on the PCI-Express bus), PCI-Express x16 graphics and DFI's proprietary Karajan audio card. To find out more, check out DFI's press release and be sure to keep reading.

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