iConsole.tv Android gaming PC updated with Intel Iris graphics

@ 2013/09/20
Remember the iConsole.tv, Christopher Price's Android-powered gaming PC? It's back, and it's better: Mobile Media Ventures has announced that the project's developer unit is getting a spec overhaul, upgrading to a Haswell-based processor with Intel Iris graphics. The dev hardware is getting a new price too, and will now be available for $699. While the company hasn't released final pricing on the consumer model, it estimates the computer will cost between $399 and $499, depending on the configuration. The final details won't be available for a few months yet, but Engadget spent some time with an early prototype back in May -- discovering a wicked fast Android device with a comforting Linux dual-boot option (for when you want a more traditional desktop, of course). Although we won't know for sure until we see the final hardware in action, the iConsole.tv is starting to look like it might be a fairly versatile Steambox alternative. Check out the company's official announcement after the break.

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