Google drops its black menu bar

@ 2013/09/20
Some users of Google's web-based products may have already seen the familiar black menu bar disappear from one Google site or another, but the company has now confirmed that was only just the beginning. It's announced today that a broader rollout is underway that will see most of its sites get a new "app launcher" in its place. That new interface should be familiar to anyone who's used Android or Chrome OS; it simply consists of a small icon in the top right of each page that expands to reveal a grid of larger icons. According to Google, the change is being done to make getting around various Google services more "seamless," and eliminate any distractions once you're inside an app.

Along with the menu bar change, Google has also confirmed that it's "refined the color palette and letter shapes" of its logo, and that the updated version of it will be making its way across the company's various offerings along with the new menu bar. You can apparently expect those changes to occur over the next few weeks.

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